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January 02, 2018

Dr Shortt was informative, friendly and humourous.

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Awesome experience, waited a long time before having reconstruction, but it was definitely worth it.
Dr Shortt was informative, friendly and humourous. He also is very particular about his work and takes it very seriously. I truly don't think I could of had a more positive experience than what I had with Dr Shortt and his staff. Joanne, his scheduler/admin assistant is amazing also. Thanks again for being you...

December 28, 2017

I felt comfortable and believed in him.

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I was dx with breast cancer, shortly after giving birth to my daughter 2014. My family doctor without hesitation suggest Dr shortt to help my reconstruction. He was truly an amazing doctor. He answer all questions and was helpful. He thrives to do the best work. I felt comfortable and believed in him. Through my entire journey,he help me take back my femanity. Breast cancer did not take that away from me. Dr. Shortt and his staff are great. Joanne is amazing. Thank you for your skills, your knowledge and heart. I recommend Dr shortt. Thank you so much

December 14, 2017

Dr. Shortt and his staff are absolutely amazing!

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Dr. Shortt and his staff are absolutely amazing! I'm from Niagara and people ask me , why do you travel to Oakville to see you doctor, and my reply HE'S WORTH TO TRAVEL TO SEE THE BEST! I think , that says it all! Words can't express how thankful I am to him and his staff!THANKS DR. SHORTT :)

December 12, 2017

Can't recommend enough

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Excellent Doctor and all around great person. It's really hard to find a doctor who has such a superb skillset and the bedside manner to go along with it. I had an unsightly cyst removed from my face and Dr Shortt used one stitch. No word of a lie there is not even a scar and it's been less than two months. I have seen a few plastic surgeons in the past and Dr Shortt is by and far a class in his own. If I do have any major procedures in the future I will definitely be going to him.

December 05, 2017

Beyond Thrilled with the Result

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Dr. Shortt and staff were absolutely amazing. All were extremely professional, down-to-earth and very personable. The OR staff have a great sense of humour, and did an excellent job of incorporating humour to relax me/lighten the mood but at the same time always maintained a high degree of professionalism. Dr. Shortt provided all the facts and risks associated with the procedure and took time to answer all my questions. The procedure itself went well and I am extremely happy with the outcome. He is very knowledgeable and pays close attention to detail. It is clear he loves what he does and takes great pride in his work. I would highly recommend Dr. Shortt! There are many reasons why I chose Dr. Shortt but one I love is that he didn't try to 'up-sell' me on liposuction or anything else. Despite exercising and eating clean, I don't have the media's idea of a 'perfect body' and I am also not interested in one. I wanted the tummy tuck not to look perfect but because the flap of skin/fat...

December 04, 2017

His ears have healed well and he looks great.

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My 9 year old son had his ears pinned by Dr Shortt in August, 2017. He had a great experience from the time we met with Dr Shortt to post procedure. His ears have healed well and he looks great. Dr Shortt was very patient with him.

November 22, 2017

Dr. Shortt's excellent care and surgical expertise produced great outcomes which exceeded my expectations

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My experience with Dr. Shortt was excellent throughout my pre surgical appointments for mastectomy, during the surgery and post surgery during my recovery and subsequent reconstructive surgery. Dr. Shortt was professional and personable at all times, very direct, thorough and clear in his communication, always taking the time to answer my many questions. Dr. Shortt's manner is caring and professional, and he was able to put me at ease with the procedures, and with my outcomes. Dr. Shortt's excellent care and surgical expertise produced great outcomes which exceeded my expectations! Dr. Shortt's staff is also excellent, attentive and caring, ensuring good communication throughout my procedures and numerous appointments.

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