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September 01, 2016

My experience with Dr. Shortt was amazing

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My experience with Dr. Shortt was amazing . I had a breast reduction. He is an great plastic surgeon that is and perfectionist. I am very pleased. Thank you, Dr Shortt

August 23, 2016

If you want a reliable and professional Doctor than he is the one to go to.

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My experience with Doctor shortt was no less than amazing. From consultation to post op he was professional and friendly in every manner. His staff dealt with every question I asked in a timely and professional manner and I am more than satisfied with my experience. In the future I will always go to him even though he is hours away, because of the great experience. I have already and will continue to refer friends and family to him. If you want a reliable and professional Doctor than he is the one to go to.

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August 05, 2016

I could not be happier with the aftercare and outcome.

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I have met Dr Shortt while looking for a surgeon who specialises in breast surgeries. Right from the start he made me feel at ease – he took the time to understand my case, explained my options, the procedure, what to expect, after care, etc. I am a member of the Realself and came in with my ‘homework’ done: a very large number of questions, which he patiently answered. Throughout all this he was very professional and knowledgeable, friendly and personable at the same time. Not for a second did I feel rushed or that my questions or concerns were dismissed - very different from my previous experience with other (highly rated) surgeons. Shortly after meeting with him I decided he was the surgeon I felt met all my requirements and we scheduled the surgery for the fall. During follow up discussions with Dr Shortt and while waiting for my surgery day, I learned he also specialises in ‘lumps and bumps’ – I had a growth on the side of my nose that was removed 3 times previously and kept...

August 03, 2016

I had no doubts that I was in very capable hands.

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Omg, totally had the most amazing surgeon patient experience. Totally rocked and looked like something out of my fave medical show Grey's anatomy without all the sensual stuff of course. Anyways had a Pyogenic Flexor Tenosynovitis (Doc, i hope I was listening right) and went to emerg at CVH. Well they had to call in the big guns and Dr Shortt came within the hour and we set to work. He made the whole operation go so easy, he was friendly, chatted with me during the op, which kept me relaxed. Guess what I even had music- Jazz (Glory, Hallelujah) with Boze speakers (we later joked that the patients in adjoining rooms would be going, why does she get music and we don't?). He was very professional, knowledgeable, thorough, explained the procedure to me, had a great sense of humor and did a wonderful cleanup job. I had no doubts that I was in very capable hands. Having a follow up with him soon and I'm confident that this will be no different. So here you have it, Dr Shortt, i think you...

July 21, 2016

He is an amazing plastic surgeon.

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I had a breast reduction and lift in January of this year I am now 6 months post op and I am absolutely in love with dr shortts work!! He is an amazing plastic surgeon that is a huge perfectionist with an a type personality which is perfect if you want an amazing outcome!! His bedside manner is spot on and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for the best plastic surgeon!! I will only see him from now on for any of my plastic surgical needs!!

June 28, 2016

Thank you Dr. Shortt for letting me feel like a woman again.

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I just finished my final post op check up and must share my experience. Dr. Shortt reconstructed my breast, removed due to a radical mastectomy. When I first lost my breast I was brave and accepting and didn't realize the effect it had on me until Dr. Shortt gave me a new one. He is methodical and detailed and certainly inspired confidence. He has a calm, confident bedside manner and is extremely approachable. I would and have extolled his praises and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Shortt for letting me feel like a woman again and thanks to your wonderful staff.

June 28, 2016

An amazing doctor, professional and knowledgeable.

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An amazing doctor, professional and knowledgeable. He performed a facial surgery (damaged skin due to excessive sun exposure). Awesome result! The staff is great! Thank you Dr. Shortt

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