Lumps and Bumps
(moles, cysts and lipomas)

Many people develop small lumps and bumps (lesions) that bother them from a cosmetic perspective.  There are a whole variety of lesions that are completely harmless and never need to be removed.   It is important that if you do develop a new lesion that your doctor reviews it to ensure that it is harmless.  If they have any questions Dr Shortt can provide his opinion.  Most of the time it is possible to make a diagnosis based on history and physical exam.  If however, there is any question Dr Shortt may offer to do a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.  This is covered by OHIP and can help guide the decision for removal.  Assuming that your lesion is benign it can be left alone.  However, if the appearance bothers you, it is usually a simple thing to treat under local anaesthetic.  As a plastic surgeon, Dr Shortt specializes in using as small an incision as possible and hiding it in creases to make it virtually invisible, if at all possible.  He uses a technique which combines self absorbing and removal sutures that will provide you long lasting support without suture marks.

Who should have this surgery?

Anyone that has a mole, cyst, lipoma or any other lump or bump that they do not like the appearance of.

What is the recovery time?

This type of procedure has little down time.  It is generally done in the office under local anaesthetic.  Some beige surgical tape is usually all that is required for a dressing.  Showering can be started as early as the next day in many cases.  Although not everyone gets it, you should expect a small amount of bruising.  There is little discomfort and this can be treated with Tylenol or Advil.  

Sutures are removed at approximately 1 week.  A scar massage technique will be explained to you to help get the best possible result.  A second follow-up appointment is usually arranged for 3 weeks later to review how everything is healing and go over the results from the pathology report (to provide the best possible care, all specimens are reviewed by a pathologist, even if they appear perfectly benign).

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