Do I need an appointment?

Yes, you need to make an appointment to see Dr. Shortt.  We value your time and strive our very best to run our office efficiently and on-time.   An appointment helps make that happen. Please understand that on rare occasion, some patients require additional time that was not accounted for, which may delay things a bit.  We appreciate your understanding.

Do I need a referral?

A referral is required for all OHIP consultations. Cosmetic consultations do not require a referral. If it is not clear whether your concern falls under OHIP or not, please contact our office and speak with our staff who will better be able to guide you.

How do I book a consultation with Dr Shortt?

You may book an appointment using the link on the right of this page, or by contacting the office by telephone 905-849-4282.

How long will it take to get an appointment?

The wait time for referrals varies but may take a few months.  If you have an urgent need to see Dr Shortt please advise your GP, who will be able to triage your case and possibly accelerate the process.  If you have any questions about the timing of your cosmetic consultation, please contact our office directly.

What will the procedures cost?

Every procedure is different and every patient is unique.  It is not possible to give costs without first seeing Dr Shortt.  After a thorough consultation with Dr Shortt, which includes designing a comprehensive management plan catered to your needs and goals, an estimate will be provided to you.

Will any of the procedures be covered by OHIP?

Dr Shortt specializes in cosmetic surgery as well as reconstructive surgery, the latter of which is always covered by OHIP.  Additionally, many cosmetic procedures can be partially covered by OHIP.  In this situation Dr Shortt will write a letter to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care advocating on your behalf for them to help fund your surgery.  This may include surgeries to the face, breasts or body.

Where will the procedures be performed?

Dr Shortt has a fully equipped and licensed operating theatre at the Briarwood Cosmetic Surgery Centre. He also operates regularly at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and the Georgetown Hospital. The decision as to which facility your surgery should take place will depend on the nature of your surgery and your individual needs.

What follow-up care will be provided to me?

Dr Shortt follows all his patients very closely.  Dr Shortt strongly believes that once you undergo surgery that you are his responsibility and you will be carefully taken care of until you are recovered.  In general, you will be seen a few days after surgery and then the following week.  Depending on the nature of your surgery, further follow-up appointments are usually spread-out after that.  

If for any reason Dr Shortt is not available to assist you, his partner Dr Brown will likely be able to attend to your needs.  Finally, there is always an on-call plastic surgeon that works with Dr Shortt, who can care for you if required.

Feel good, look great!