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Plastic surgery results will vary from patient to patient and the photos on this website are not intended to show results that every patient can expect. Each patient requires their own detailed surgical or non-surgical plan to reflect their individual needs. Other than to provide concealment for patient privacy (ie. moles, jewelry, tattoos) the patient photos are not otherwise altered. Consent for use of all patient photos was obtained from the patient. The field of plastic surgery is ever evolving and the information on this website can become outdated quickly. The content of this website cannot fully or adequately describe each and every procedure. The website is not meant to replace a consultation with a qualified surgeon and cannot be used to diagnose or guide treatment of patients.

Non-Canadian Patient Policy

I am, unfortunately, unable to accommodate non-Canadian patients for consultation or elective surgery.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, I feel that patients are generally best served in their local area if these services are available. I also feel that I am obliged to serve my local and regional communities.

Secondly, the insurance carrier for all Canadian Physicians has pointed out that even if surgery is performed in Canada, the courts in the patient’s origin can claim jurisdiction if the treatment or outcome is in question. In such circumstances I would be putting myself, as well as my staff and the hospital and hospital staff at risk. Of course, I continue to be governed by the laws and statutes of the Government of Canada and Ontario.

There are many excellent plastic surgeons throughout North America and elsewhere. Please inquire with your local or national plastic surgery society for assistance in locating a plastic surgeon in your area.