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Tummy Tuck

The goal of a tummy tuck is to provide a beautiful result, but at the same time not have it so obvious that people will know you had something done.  There are a few techniques to receive this result, like a low scar to hide under the bikini, and a natural looking belly button.  And for some people, liposuction is used to try to create contouring or the bikini bridge, or a nicer hour-glass shape.  The end goal is always to create a beautiful result, so that a stranger would not know you had anything done.  Every tummy tuck surgery is planned with the patient’s goals in mind.

Breast Surgery

Many people are unhappy about their breasts and there are many solutions for this.  Our goal is always to create a natural, pretty and beautiful result.  Sometimes an implant is the perfect solution for what a patient has in mind, and other times fat grafting is a great solution which involves removing fat from one are of the body and transferring it into the breast for more volume.   Fat grafting can also be done in combination with an implant, to conceal the edges to make the breast look more natural.  It can provide a more subtle, natural looking result. Every breast surgery is designed with the patient’s goals in mind.

Facial Surgery

For some patients, we try minimally invasive facial treatments such as Botox® and for some patients it just does not make sense.  For these patients, facial surgery is a great choice such as raising the position of the eyebrows, or to take out the extra skin on the eyelids (blepharoplasty), to tighten the skin or to remove the bags of the lower eyelids.  Facelifts are great surgeries for improving the nasolabial region, the jowls, and tightening the neck.  Facial surgery really depends on what patients need and that is something we will discuss during the consultation.  The goal is always to help our patients age gracefully.

Facial Rejuvenation

What is facial aging?  It is a change in the appearance of the skin, the volume of tissue and the position of where this volume is, and the laxity of skin.  In order back the clock up, we really need to address each of these changes and we have options for each one.  These options don’t always involve surgery, such as Botox® which works really well to minimize wrinkling, to prevent wrinkling from happening, it is great around the eyes, and it is great around the forehead.  Fillers can be used to replace lost volume around the eyelids and the cheek area, and around the jowls.  The other option for facial rejuvenation is laser treatment.  With aging we get wrinkles, pigmented spots, broken blood vessels, and lasers work really well to improve upon these.  It is not a magic wand, but it is the best treatment to turn back the clock on the appearance of the skin.  We have a variety of lasers and a variety of techniques, and the treatment chosen depends on what the patient’s individual needs are, which we will go over during a consultation.

Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is a Tummy Tuck and some form of Breast Surgery, The two most common breast surgeries that I would see would be a Breast Augmentation or a Breast Reduction. These procedures can be done at the same time, depending on the patient’s health. The mommy makeover is a great surgery, in that it is a massive transformation, and it can be a life altering surgery for some patients.

Breast Fat Transfer

Breast Fat Transfer is good for patients with a nice breast shape, some fat to donate, and is not ideal for someone who does not have a nice breast shape. Sometimes a breast implant can offer a better shape. I don’t think you can over-promise the results and this is important for breast fat transfer patients to understand that their expectations for how big they are going to go, has to be less than if they put in an implant. I will go over the details and compare a breast fat transfer to an implant and the pros and cons to each procedure, as well as the different advantages to each one.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is to provide excellent care, and that means providing great results, it means taking care of patient’s concerns ahead of time, it means answering their questions, and providing them all the information they need so that they can make the right choice for themselves.  But it also means taking care of them after surgery. You can’t just operate and let them go, they are your patients right until the very end. I think that it is my job to make sure that it goes great all the way through the experience, from the first consultation, to surgery, to recovery, to the follow-up.

Feel good, look great!