Arms (Brachioplasty) & Thighs


Body contouring of the arms (brachioplasty) and thighs are surgical procedures that involve removing excess skin and fat, which is often a result of significant weight loss.

When there is excess skin on the arms, often called “bat wings”, an incision is made from the armpit to just above the elbow, and the skin is tightened to reshape the appearance. To minimize the visual appearance of the scar, the incision is made on the underside of the arm and is well hidden during normal arm movements. The skin on the thighs can also be tightened by a similar technique, whereby an incision is made from the groin towards the knee, and the skin is tightened to create more attractive thighs. Together with Dr Shortt, you will discuss the surgical techniques involved in body contouring of the arms or thighs, what to expect regarding the scars, and your pre and post operative expectations.

Dr Shortt will go over your options, so you feel that your surgery is specifically planned for you.

When to consider having this procedure?

In general, candidates for body contouring surgery of the arms (brachioplasty) and thighs are aged 18 – 65 years, are in good health and are able to have general anaesthetic, and may have one or more of the following characteristics:


excess skin on the arms or “bat wings”


desire to remove excess skin and fat on the arms or thighs as a result of significant weight loss


loose skin on the thighs as a result of significant weight loss


desire to create tighter, more attractive arms and thighs

What is the recovery time?

In general, the recovery time after body contouring of the arms (brachioplasty) and thighs is approximately 3-6 weeks. As with any surgery under general anaesthetic, there are potential risks or complications to consider. During your private consultation, Dr Shortt will take a thorough medical history from you, discuss your surgical options, explain the complete procedure and potential risks, discuss what to expect pre and post surgery of the arms and thighs, and your estimated recovery time.

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