Patient Stories


As really good friends, Devon and Meagan became each other’s support after they had their procedures done by Dr Shortt. Devon had her procedure done first, and it went so well, that Meagan decided it was her turn to have a procedure done. And then after Meagan had her Tummy Tuck, Devon decided it was time to have a Tummy Tuck procedure too.

D: “I went first.  I did all the research and I went first.”
M: “It was my turn, I did all the work she told me to do, I exercised as she was my personal coach, I ate properly, and there was still something missing.”
D: “Would you do it again?”
M: “I would do it again.
D: “Would you change anything?”
M: “No, I wouldn’t change anything”
D: “I wouldn’t change anything either.”
D:  “I worked hard and Dr Shortt helped us see the results.  There was a ton of loose skin, my belly button made a sad-face, and when all that skin was tightened up, I could see my hard work! This is it, this is what I have been looking for.  Now I feel like I can maintain this and I have my results.”


“Why I chose to have a Mommy Makeover: Devon had two plastic surgery procedures – a Breast Augmentation and a Tummy Tuck. “I wanted to look my normal-self again. I wanted to be my old bra-size, my old waist-size, and that was the whole intention.”

“When I gave birth I was 220 lbs and I lost all the weight and got down to a normal weight again, and I couldn’t fit into clothing like I used to. I couldn’t fit bras, and I was stuffing my skin into my pants.”

“Then I got pregnant with my daughter and I had the thought of doing the Mommy Makeover in my mind. I wanted to look my normal-self again – I wanted to be my old bra-size, my old waist-size, and that was the whole intention.”

“When Dr Shortt came in and said we like to look as natural as possible, that was it!”

“With both of my experiences, there was hand-holding the whole way. Even when I was having my second procedure and I was so nervous, Dr Shortt called me at home and said you got through the first procedure just fine, the second will be just as amazing. And it was, it really was.”

“The best part about having plastic surgery is I can go bra shopping and know exactly what size to try on.” Devon, Mother and Fitness Coach.

Devon’s Aftercare:

“When I got my breasts done, I was up the next day, no problem. But you do need support when you are going for the Tummy Tuck. You definitely need support, because there is no lifting, and I always need someone to tell me to sit down anyway.”
“Have a support system in place for when you want to do this. Have a support system, so if you need your kids to be driven to school, or picked up from school, or someone to make you a few meals, that’s what you are looking for. Husband, friend, you need someone.”


Why I chose to have a Tummy Tuck:

“I chose to have a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin that I had on my stomach and put my abs back together.”

“After I had my son, I was at the highest weight I have ever been and my skin was horrible, I had essentially baggy skin.  After doing a weight loss challenge, I knew I was in great shape, but I couldn’t show it off to anybody, without having a bit of help from Dr Shortt.  And that’s why I chose to have a Tummy Tuck – to remove the excess skin that I had on my stomach and put my abs back together.”

“As soon as I met Dr Shortt, and I showed him my stomach, he told me that I was the perfect candidate. And he told me that what I am going through is very common and a lot of people just don’t ask for help like I did.”

“He told me it was going to take a while to recover, that I couldn’t exercise, I needed to watch what I ate a little bit after, and I did everything he told me to and I got the results that he promised.”

Meagan’s Aftercare:

“First off, you can’t exercise 6 weeks after having the surgery, and another part is that you are a little immobile, a few days up to a week after you have the surgery, and you do need help. So, I did have someone come and live with me for a few days, and Dr Shortt did warn me about that. I couldn’t feel or move the same way as I used to. When I got home I sat on the couch for the next several days, with my friends helping me to do everything.”

Plastic surgery results will vary from patient to patient and the photos on this website are not intended to show results that every patient can expect. Each patient requires their own detailed surgical or non-surgical plan based on their individual needs.

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