Male Breasts (Gynaecomastia)

Male breasts, also known as gynaecomastia, is a condition whereby men have abnormally developed mammary glands or overdeveloped breast tissue.  It is often very troubling for men who may go to great lengths to disguise their chest.  Treatment for gynaecomastia can involve the surgical removal of the excess breast tissue or the use of liposuction, depending on the extent of gland versus fat.  The goal is to provide a tight chest with no excess tissue. 

An important aspect in this surgery is to provide nearly imperceptible scars.  Dr Shortt uses small incisions which are well hidden.  Most men would have no concerns swimming at the beach or pool as the scar will not be noticeable to others.  An additional technique that Dr Shortt has refined is to perform liposuction underneath the pectorals major muscle at the same time.  This helps to really define and shape the muscle making your chest look more sculpted. Together with Dr Shortt, you will discuss a surgical course of action, which will include a medical history to determine if there are other causes for the development of your gynaecomastia.   In general, patients who have undergone treatment for gynaecomastia are very pleased and find a lot more confidence showing off their chest.  

When to consider having this procedure?

In general, candidates for gynaecomastia surgery are aged 18 - 65 years, are in good health and are able to have general anaesthetic, and may have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • abnormally developed mammary glands
  • overdeveloped or excess breast tissue (fat or gland)
  • asymmetry of the breasts (they appear to be different sizes)
  • feel embarrassed about the appearance of their chest

What is the recovery time?

In general, the recovery time following a gynaecomastia procedure is approximately 2-4 weeks. If liposuction is performed, a compression garment may be recommended for 4-6 weeks, but this does not prevent you from exercising. As with any surgery under general anaesthetic, there are potential risks or complications to consider. During your private consultation, Dr Shortt will take a thorough medical history from you, discuss your surgical options, explain the complete procedure and potential risks, discuss what to expect pre and post gynaecomastia surgery, and your estimated recovery time.

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