Plastic Surgery for Men Part 1: The Face

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For all the men out there, or ladies with men in their lives, men actually do care about how they look too. Consider the time spent jogging and going to the gym to get in shape. Look at the money we spend for clothes, grooming products and fancy cars that make us look good and feel good. The same is true for plastic surgery.

So what are the most common concerns for men and what are they having done?

Probably the most common thing men are doing is Botox or other neuro injectables. The reason is that Botox is cost effective, Botox works so darn well, and if done properly people won’t suspect you have had it done. They may think you look refreshed. They may think you’ve lost weight or become more fit. But they shouldn’t be able to tell why.

For men more than women, plastic surgery needs to be subtle. For women if I could wipe away 5 years… good. Ten… great. Fifteen… even better. This is not the same for men. We want the results, but we don’t want people to know that we have had work done. Men want to look refreshed. They want to look strong and vibrant. They want to look athletic. Fortunately for us, when we consider what society considers attractive, it is okay for men to have some wrinkles.

They say men get better with time. Look at the actors George Clooney and Canadian, Paul Gross. Both handsome in their youth, but arguably looking their most dapper now. My goal with Botox for men, or any facial surgery for that matter, is to make men look great for their age. To make you look like you could hike a mountain or shoot hoops with the president. However, always being mindful of the fact that men don’t want other people to know they had anything done. Sometimes that means under-doing the treatment. It means leaving, intentionally, signs of age. Removing the areas of concern that make us look old and tired, but leaving the areas the give a sense of strength, maturity, wisdom and leadership.

The same is true for facial surgery. As we age, we loose the quality of our skin, wrinkles develop, and skin hangs. This creates jowls, wobbly necks, heavy upper lids and eyebrows. The lower lids start to bulge and their becomes a clear demarcation between the eyelid skin and the cheeks. Surgery can improve all these areas. The important thing though is to not overdo it. Kenny Rogers! Crocodile Dundee! Need I say more? Overdone! The goal is to create harmony in the face. To improve an area that is your “tell,” your sign of age, and to make it more balanced with the rest of your face.

Again my goals in facial surgery for men:
  • Make you look great for your age
  • Make it subtle so people won’t know you had surgery done.
So what is the most common surgery men seek for facial rejuvenation?

Periorbital rejuvenation. This includes blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and brow lifts. The incisions can be nearly imperceptible over time. The results can give a refreshing, more youthful look. And the downtime is fairly minimal. The bulging lower eyelid and the heavy upper brow are both common signs of age that can be improved with a blepharoplasty and/or brow lift, leaving a refreshed appearance.

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Dr Rodger Shortt is a specialist plastic surgeon who graduated from Queen’s Medical School in 2004 and became certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 2009. He received further sub-specialty fellowship training with international plastic surgeons in micro-vascular breast reconstruction, cosmetic plastic surgery, and body contouring after bariatric (gastric banding) surgery, significant weight loss or post-pregnancy. Dr Rodger Shortt strives to be the best plastic surgeon and is committed to providing high quality patient care and achieving excellent results. He is considered one of the top plastic surgeons and one of the few plastic surgeons in Canada that has the top rating of five stars in Realself, Rate MD, and Ontario Doctor review.

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