Mommy Makeover – Giving You Back Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

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What is a mommy makeover?

How would you like to bring back your pre-pregnancy body? A mommy makeover is typically requested by women post-pregnancy who would like to return their bodies back to their pre-pregnancy appearance. It can often involve a tummy tuck and breast surgery, which can include breast augmentation with implants, a breast reduction, a breast lift, body contouring to reshape the silhouette, and/or liposuction.

Oftentimes, women request a mommy makeover, or a tummy tuck and breast augmentation in combination with another surgery post-pregnancy, such as the repair of an umbilical hernia – whereby the tissue around the belly button and abdomen are returned to their pre-pregnancy appearance.

With a mommy makeover, my goal as a plastic surgeon is to reshape the tummy and the breasts so that the patient feels confident enough to walk down the beach wearing a bikini. For some patients, this may seem daunting, but I take extra time to ensure that scars are positioned below the bikini line and the belly button is given a natural looking appearance, instilling confidence in the patient and helping them to look their best.

Can any surgical procedures be combined with a mommy makeover?

It is very common to do a tummy tuck with a breast procedure. The most common are breast augmentation, lift or reduction. Any of these can be safely done and lead to a very nice result.

When is the best timing for a mommy makeover?

The best time to have a mommy makeover is when you are healthy and have a stable weight. On occasion, I get asked if this can be done at the time of birth. Sometimes my patients’ obstetrician has offered to do it for them. This is really not a good time. Beyond just the need to nurture your baby and form a bonding relationship, your body is just not ready. The uterus shrinks and additional weight is lost over the following months. The results would be very limited and likely disappointing over the long run. Besides, you probably won’t be sleeping much and the additional stress is just not worth it.

What is the down time for a mommy makeover?

Breast surgery does not add much to a tummy tuck for recovery time. I usually tell my patients having a mommy makeover that the first few days you are moving slow, by one week you feel pretty good, and by two weeks I am putting the brakes on you. For an office job, two weeks is doable. Three is more than enough. For a physical job, count on six weeks to recover.

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Absolutely hands down the best!

Absolutely hands down the best! Dr Shortt is very skilled surgeon and has a warm, caring personality along with a sense of humour which will keep you at ease throughout the whole process. You are in the best hands should you choose Dr. Shortt. Thank you Dr Shortt and Joanne for making my surgical journey a great experience!

It’s Been 28 Years …

I was reviewing breast transfer procedures on real self. Dr. Shorrt had comment on a previous post. I checked out his profile/website and decided to go for a consultation. I was glad that he actually conducted the consultation. I’ve been to one where the Dr.’s assistant did the initial one. He was very easy to talk , to express your concerns. He was very knowledge. Some doctors are in rush to explain things. “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” . I felt very comfortable right away. I knew I wanted him to be my surgeon.

All in all I can not say enough good things about my experience with both Dr. Shortt and his staff

Dr Short t was my surgeon for breast reduction, tummy tuck, bra-line back lift and panniculectomy. I was at ease upon our first meeting. I felt he genuinely was on my side and interested in my well being. Although the surgeries I have undergone have been major , the pain was surprisingly minor. I have had excellent recoveries and shockingly minimal scaring. I could not be more satisfied with having been his patient. I did some research about plastic surgery and costs were in line with others. All in all I can not say enough good things about my experience with both Dr. Shortt and his staff

Thankful for High Standards

I had lost an excessive amount of weight. After success in living a healthier lifestyle I found that the extra skin impacted my health in other ways. Dr Short completed a Belt Lipectomy.
My experience through the consultation visits and pre and post surgery was very positive!
Dr. Shortt was detailed with my questions leaving nothing to my imagination, defining the realities I would experience throughout the process. He was specific through the preparatory work that needed to happen and made me feel connected and comfortable with the procedure.
Dr. Shortt is professional, extremely knowledgeable as a plastic surgeon, and has the ability to communicate to people with clarity during each appointment!
I have also appreciated the office environment and connections with Joanne as she answered my questions with efficiency and genuine care.
Dr. Shortt is highly skilled in what he does, and he has the character of caring and valuing as he speaks with you. Dr. Shortt wants great results for each person and sets a very high standard, in which I am grateful!
I am really happy with the whole process from start to finish and excited about the outcome of having this surgery!
Thank you Dr. Shortt!

I had a bump on my thumb removed by Dr Shortt a few years ago.

I had a bump on my thumb removed by Dr Shortt a few years ago. It was e third time I’d had it removed, as it kept growing back, but since Dr Shortt removed it, it hasn’t returned!

I’m very pleased with the results of my explant surgery.

Dr Shortt was recommended to me for my explant surgery. I was informed he was the best surgeon for the job and that I would be very happy with the results.
We met on a couple of occasions before the surgery and discussed the options of new implants, fat grafting or just an explant. He was courteous, respectful and very knowledgeable.
He respected my decision to just have the explant surgery and didn’t try to sell me on other procedures. He is all about what’s best for his patients. When I had my pre-op at the hospital, the intake nurse couldn’t say enough wonderful things about him and his skills. That solidified it for me.
I’m very pleased with the results of my explant surgery. It was a unique case in that the implants had completely liquified. They were done 8 years ago by another recommended surgeon in Burlington, not Dr Shortt himself. It seems they were just defective.
Dr. Shortt noted that he had never seen any implants come out in that condition. I appreciate that he is following up with the manufacturer to inform them of the situation.
if you are choosing implants, please do your research and educate yourself and if you choose to have them done, Dr. Shortt is your guy.

Dr. Shortt is a true professional, with an amazing bedside manner.

Recently I had Dr Shortt remove a large lump from the back of my leg. His genuinely friendly manner immediately put me at ease.
In the hospital, he explained how the procedure was going to work, which made me feel comfortable. The actual procedure took less than 5 minutes, with no pain. I was completely relaxed, knowing I was in good hands. Dr. Shortt is a true professional, with an amazing bedside manner. I’d trust him to do absolutely any surgical procedure and would feel confident that the outcome would be very successful.

Feel and look better than ever before.