Why I Love Speaking at BRA Day (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day)

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A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of being an invited speaker at BRA Day 2016 (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day) in Mississauga. This is the third year in a row that I have spoken at BRA day, and every year I just love it.

Although I do all manners of breast surgery from cosmetic to reconstructive, I am usually asked to discuss how we make a breast using one’s own tissue. This is something that was rarely done outside of teaching centres when I started in practise years ago. However, over the years more and more young surgeons are doing fellowships so they too can do micro-surgery, which is now offered at numerous hospitals in the GTA.

What makes BRA Day such a success is the love and support in the room. This year there were over 250 people that have or had breast cancer or are affected by breast cancer (family and friends). It was a great way for everyone involved to become better informed on the different options available and some of the newer techniques being used, such as fat-grafting to make a whole breast from scratch. The panel of expert surgeons and physicians also discussed the different treatments for breast cancer and how they may impact on the timing or type of reconstruction offered to patients. Overall, it was very informative for everyone.

One of the most popular parts of the night is the show and tell lounge. It is exclusively for women. Women who have had breast cancer, and women with and without breast reconstructions showed each other what they look like. It is an opportunity for women to see just how nice breast reconstructions can look with care and expertise.

I think that a lot of patients are well informed, but others come to BRA Day never having heard anything about options for breast reconstruction. It really feels great to share my knowledge with patients and to see the relief in their faces when they know that no matter what changes they currently have from breast cancer, we can make them significantly better.

Each year, BRA Day grows in size and popularity. I look forward to being part of this great day for years to come.

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