How To Choose Your Plastic Surgeon

by | Plastic Surgery

If you are thinking about undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, choosing the right board certified plastic surgeon is the most important choice you will make in the whole process. You are putting your health, your beauty, and your life in their hands. Make sure that you choose the right hands.

I would suggest doctor referrals and asking your friends who have had plastic surgery, or your GP, whom they would suggest. I would look into their credentials, their training and their reviews. Most surgeons are going to have some good and bad reviews. However, try to find someone with reviews that are mostly positive and consistently speak to your needs. Also keep in mind that not all reviews are true reflections made by all patients.

When you have it narrowed down to 2-3 surgeons, you should make an appointment and meet them in person. See if you “click” with them. See if you think they are listening to your concerns and your goals. Do you have an easy rapport with them? Do you trust them? Are they honest about what can realistically be achieved or are they promising the world? Are they pushing you into signing up or giving you time to think about things?

Have they asked you to go away and give it a sober second thought and offered you a chance to meet them again, or even several more times if that is what you need? Will they do everything possible to give you the results you want? Will they be accessible to you for questions ahead of time and to support you after the fact? If you can answer these questions then take a leap, but always listen to your gut.

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